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      Contact Investor Relations Contact Investor Relations


      Commerzbank's IR team will be happy to answer any questions regarding the Commerzbank share and our bank's fixed income products.

      Notifications of Major Holdings: Please note that Notifications of Major Holdings must be sent to us either by email to ir@commerzbank.com or by telefax: +49 69 7953 66183.

      Commerzbank AG

      Divisional Board Member Group Investor Relations

      Christoph Wortig

      Investors and Financial Analysts

      Ansgar Herkert

      Michael H. Klein

      Jutta Madjlessi

      Rating Agencies

      Dirk Bartsch

      Patricia Novak

      Corporate Governance / ESG

      Dirk Bartsch

      Matthias Obst

      Further contact options

      Please refer all other questions to the contacts in this overview.