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      Commerzbank Group

      Commerzbank is a leading international commercial bank. For Private and Small Business Customers as well as Corporate Clients, the Bank offers a comprehensive portfolio of financial services. It has one of the densest branch networks among German private banks and is is leading in financing for corporate clients in Germany. With its subsidiaries comdirect and Poland’s mBank it owns two of the world’s most innovative online banks. It serves its clients in all markets worldwide.

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      Commerzbank at a glance

      Here you can find key facts and figures on Commerzbank as well as information on its strategy and business model.



      The Commerzbank Board of Managing Directors manages the Bank independently. The Supervisory Board advises and oversees the Board.


      The Commerzbank brand

      The Commerzbank brand underlines the high standards we set in everything we do and encapsulates our identity.


      Annual Report 2018