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      Sponsoring Sponsoring


      Sponsorship within Commerzbank


      With its sponsoring activities, Commerzbank is committed specifically to the local people. In addition to classical sponsorship, we set great store by the social aspect of sports. Working with the youth and supporting regional sport clubs is in the centre of our focus. This is specifically reflected by our range of commitments – from our partnership with the German Football Association (DFB), via our cooperation with the club Eintracht Frankfurt, up to the Drumbo-Cup talent initiative, Germany's largest indoor football tournament for the primary schools of Berlin. Last but not least, Commerzbank is official partner of FUSSBALL.de - the digital home of amateur football - Commerzbank is supporting german football from "Kreisliga" to "Regionalliga".

      Our commitment in sports is rounded off with the "Green Band" initiative: Together with the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB), Commerzbank annually awards prizes to 50 sport clubs that have been noted for their exemplary promotion of talented players and for their youth work – and this already for more than 30 years.

      Fairness, good performance, respect, partnership and team spirit are of crucial importance not only in sports. For Commerzbank, these values also represent fundamental elements of corporate culture. Commerzbank stands out due to fair cooperation with its customers as partners, convincing with a high level of expertise in all financial topics. The range of services is clearly oriented towards the customers' interests and customer satisfaction. Commerzbank therefore attaches great importance to its actions being transparent and clearly understandable.