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      Contact Contact


      Head Office

      Commerzbank AG
      60261 Frankfurt/Main
      Phone: +49 69 136-20

      Should you have questions regarding a specific area, the following options are available to you:

      Further contact options

      • Careers - for questions on job offers and getting started in your career
      • Sustainability - for questions on Commerzbank's business, ecological and social commitment
      • Press - for journalists with questions regarding Commerzbank
      • Investor Relations - for questions regarding the Commerzbank share

      Please address general e-mail queries to: info@commerzbank.com

      Please note that messages sent to us via e-mail are not encrypted. It therefore cannot be ruled out that third parties will read your message. In your own interests, we recommend that you do not make reference to any specific business details.
      We cannot accept any transfers, securities orders or any orders or instructions involving specific time limits by e-mail.